On Me:

“I’m still waiting for the chance to sing on one of our tracks. Every time I do, the others stop playing and laugh. I think they are just jealous / worried I’m going to take over as the front man. They are, of course, right to be concerned. I’m warming my vocal chords… Watch this space.”

On Najarra:

“Najarra represents the raw talent in the band. Pitch perfect and soulful, her easy and effortless voice might never have been discovered had it not been for a fateful meeting with Scott one day when he suggested we sit around and play a few instruments. Talent, beauty and humility are a dangerous combination in the hands of a Disney Princess.”

On Scott:

“If one was to picture a cross between Rachmaninov and Slash, one would be imagining something close to Scott. Unstoppable genius, relentless ideas and an incurable thirst for knowledge & creativity, Scott is the driving force behind Archway. If only he could sing as well as me.”


To me, obvs. And my mum, for having the sense to give birth to me. And my Dad, for helping on that.


Stella (Artois), a brief encounter with magic mushrooms and the belief that all time happened in one instance, we are just experiencing it in slow motion.