Najarra Townsend

Music and Acting always went hand in hand for me. I lived and breathed musicals growing up. But as I aged, my confidence in singing faltered whereas acting remained a constant. I needed acting (it’s always been my therapy) and I didn’t lose confidence in it. Singing felt more personal somehow, more vulnerable. It didn’t feel like there was a character to hide behind. As I moved out of my teenage years I left singing behind. If it wasn’t for Thomas, who always makes me feel comfortable and confident, and Scott for suggesting we start a band and being so supportive through my terrified first whispers of finding my voice again, I would have never started singing again. So blame those boys for all of this.

On Tom:

“Thomas is everything good. He’s all sunshine and positivity. You want fun and laughs, turn to Tom.”

On Scott:

“Scotty’s the musical genius. Always 10 songs ahead and full of ideas, he’s the creative force that propels us forward.”


Really too many to name. People, films, books, places, music… all have influenced me greatly in life but here’s a few of the top music specific ones.
Most musical theater and Disney musicals. I try to constantly make my life a musical by singing while I clean or am sad or excited. Elton John, Judy Garland, Cat Stevens, Bernadette Peters, Britney Spears, Ingrid Michaelson, The Lumineers, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Andrew McMahon and Aleks & Steph (please make more music!)


These should be obvious but just in case…. My Mom. My Grandma, Grandpa Tony, Dad, Steph, Booga, Kit, My voice teachers from when I was young Eric Butler & Judy Sanger, Showstoppers, LA Hip Kids, Sandi, Christine and of course, the reason I’ve started singing again, Thomas and Scott.